Avoid Having a "Frank Kern" Experience!

("How Not To Get Sued By the FTC!")

January 22, 2017

From the Desk Of Bob Page, JD, BSEE

In the next few minutes you're going to learn something even a smart marketer like Frank Kern overlooked early in his career.  Keep reading to hear the story.

Hi, I'm Bob Page, an attorney, electrical engineer, and all around nice guy (sorry, sometimes even I get caught up in marketing hype!).

Anyway, most of us doing business online are familiar with Frank Kern.  He's one of the best known and successful "Gurus" in the world of online marketing.

He is also one of the best known examples of what happens when you don't know and follow the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) rules when it comes to advertising and selling online.

In case you haven't heard Mr. Kern's story (he tells it often), he got sued by the FTC early in his online marketing career, lost a bunch of money, and had to start over - with the FTC watching his every move.

Not a pleasant experience and one you'd think everyone would cautiously avoid, but that's not the case.

Many of the online entrepreneurs that I see roaming the internet are treading the same or a similar path to the one Mr. Kern followed, and it's just a matter of time until they have a "Frank Kern" experience of their own!

Can you imagine what it would be like if the process server showed up at your doorstep and handed you an FTC summons and, as Mr. Kern reported, "SEVEN POUNDS of paperwork?"

Here is some advice from Mr. Kern himself based on his "learning" experience:

I believe that once the FTC even thinks you’re a bad guy, you’re screwed. You can technically even be “right” and still get into trouble.

The FTC is the FTC. Your best course of action is to try to be obnoxiously compliant with their regulations. If you get on their bad side, YOU WILL NOT WIN.

-- Frank Kern, The world's highest paid direct response Internet Marketing copywriter and consultant

Don't Be Like Frank!

You don't have to go through what Mr. Kern did with the FTC.  You can benefit from his experience and advice and "be obnoxiously compliant" with the FTC's rules and regulations.  Remember, "ignorance of the law is no excuse."

If you're doing business online, it's your responsibility to know and follow the FTC's rules.  When the authorities come calling, it will not help your case to claim that "you didn't know you were doing anything wrong."

Save Yourself the Expense & Embarrassment -
Don't Continue To Ignore the Rules!

Reality Check

Can You Answer These Questions?

  • What disclosures are required by law to be on your website?
  • What uses of testimonials are forbidden by the Federal Trade Commission?
  • What are the penalties for "borrowing" copyrighted images or text?
  • Under what circumstances is it OK to review or endorse products you haven't personally used?
  • What email omission can cost you up to $16,000 per violation under the CAN-SPAM Act?

So, How'd You Do?

Are you busted for surfing under the influence of internet riches with blatant ignorance of the law?

If my little "sobriety test" helped you realize that you may be inviting a Frank Kern experience of your own - good.  Now you know that there's work to be done to be sure your internet business stays on the straight and narrow with the FTC and I can help you.



FTC Handbook

My handbook entitled "Starting a Business: How Not To Get Sued By the FTC" is designed to help online entrepreneurs like you get up to speed quickly regarding the key rules and regulations that could get them into trouble with the FTC.

The guide is written in plain English, without a lot of "legalese," so it's a fairly easy read. It shouldn't take you over 30-45 minutes to complete.

If you're doing business online, you need this handbook.  Remember, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the FTC. Studying this material will be well worth your time and it could help you avoid a lot of serious legal headaches.

And yes, I do receive a royalty from sales of the handbook (the FTC made me say that!).

Hey, I put a lot of hard work into that handbook. Don't begrudge me a little something for the effort 😉 . It's priced at less than the cost of a cup of gourmet coffee, so even with the FTC watching I can confidently represent that the handbook is worth more than you'll pay for it.

That's It For the Sales Pitch!

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The blog is fun, educational and inspiring (we call that "puffing" in the advertising game).

Some of the material is law related - some not, but it's all extremely interesting - or not - you decide.  Either way, thanks for visiting and tell your friends.


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